MMORPG’s and unhealthy addictions


For a long time I’ve been asking myself what makes mmorpg (massive mutliplayer online game) games and online rpg games so addictive. After about a year of playing a popular online rpg myself, and listening/observing kids who play these games, I’ve come to a conclusion that I have become satisfied with. I believe that most of the kids who play these games, play for the social interaction that they are lacking in real life. This may sound like major generalization, but I’m only talking about the hardcore 24/7 gamers.

Another thing I’ve noticed is a need for some people to be at the top of these mmorpg games, even if they have to cheat to do it. A popular aspect of most mmorpg games is dueling, which is basically one persons character fighting with another. Although these games are different, the winner of player vs player or pvp usually comes down to gear and skill. But some people take things a little too serious, and resort to hacks (programs used to aid a player in killing another player, hacks are not allowed at all in online gaming) to become the top player dueling. When you have to cheat at a game just to make yourself feel dominant, I think it’s really time to stand back and re-evaluate your life.

CNN has even done a story on a young man who was addicted to WoW, a famous mmorpg, the young man lost many jobs and his girlfriend, then became detached from life, almost like he was on some sort of drug. I feel like I’ve almost been sucked into the addictive powers of online gaming, and that I need to warn other people that if your playing these games for more than about 6 hours a day everyday, and your finding it difficult to go to bed at a decent time or get work done, you might want to think about quiting.


~ by everythingdiablo on January 17, 2009.

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