Scams galore


If it seems like I’ve created a lot of posts about gaming and lesser posts on things that relate to life in the real world, it’s because they are one in the same. Believe it or not, playing online games has taught me a valuable valuable valuable life lesson, If someone knows they can scam/cheat/lie and get away with it without any repercussion, they will. People are so eager to take advantage of people when no ones looking, it’s almost sad, whether its giving the wrong change amount to a child, or scamming hard earned items from new players in games.

I have to admit, I do think about scamming people at times, its so easy and it’s not like its an actual crime seeing as its only a game, but then I start to think about the principle of  things, I myself got scammed several times, and I hated it, would I really want to do this to other people? And then I applied this lesson to the real world, If a cashier knows I’m not paying attention to how much change I’m getting in return, would she or he really hesitate to make an extra dollar for that soda after work by cheating me?


~ by everythingdiablo on January 30, 2009.

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