Barack 8 years earlier


I was sitting in class today thinking about Obama’s campaign slogan which was all about change, and I asked myself, how well would Obama faired eight years ago trying to run after president Clinton? I believe America voted for Barack because he was the only candidate that offered hope after eight years of war and debt. I honestly believe that if Barack was running when the economy was stable, and we weren’t at war, I think race would have been more of a factor than it was.

Now I know a lot of people wouldn’t agree with me on this but you have to understand that Americans are far from “being over” racism, there are still a lot of people in this country that believe blacks are still not worthy of high status positions, but I think were able to put their difference and personal opinions aside and vote for what this country really and truly needs at this time, which is change.

I definitely don’t think Obama would have lost, I was just questioning to myself on whether it would have been a landslide win or a little closer than this years election.


~ by everythingdiablo on February 6, 2009.

2 Responses to “Barack 8 years earlier”

  1. Race maybe, but also his inexperience would play in. He ran with Hope and Change as his slogan. If he can’t run on the platform of undoing the corruption and mess of the previous administration and a Washington Gone Wild with lobbiests, what’s his platform?

    The fact that he had only been in Washington for a while was a selling point for him. If we were still riding high on the economy of the Clinton years, as voters I don’t think many would care how corrupt Washington was or how long the same old people had been running the show.

    He would have had to have had a completely different platform and I imagine it would be hard to guess how well he would have done in an election without knowing that platform. Gore needed just a few more votes to win. If he could have gotten his home state, the Florida mess would have been moot. Obviously though, about 1/2 the voters didn’t agree enough with his platform.

    Bush and his administration (and the Repubs) created the perfect opportunity for Obama (or any reasonable democratic candidate really).

    I’m glad to see Bush out. I hope though that Obama can deliver the promises that were made. I think it’s going to difficult for him but our country is in trouble and needs Obama to take the reigns. And I can’t say it didn’t make me cringe a little when he had to write a handful of waivers for his appointees to get around his own ethics executive order…

  2. I Definitely think that Obama’s campaign slogan would have been different, but I think your believing the hype when you say that Obama would be unable to run with experience.

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