Dead monkeys aren’t funny


This cartoon is pretty disturbing to me as it’s probably been to most who have seen it. I’m sure by now everyones seen it, and everyones heard random opinions about it, but I had to just say mine before this faded away. This was blatant racism to the fullest, there is absolutely no way that this shouldn’t have some how raised any sort of red flags in the editors office of the New York Post. When you first read the cartoon, the first thing you think of is Obama being the monkey in that picture, plain and simple.

I think this New York Post cartoonist got bold and decided that no one would notice or take to much offense to it, but I honestly think they should be boycotted. Why you ask? Because this image is honestly unacceptable in every sense of the word, whether or not they intentionally made this cartoon to depict Obama as a monkey or not, everyone knows Blacks are often referred to as monkeys by racists, so this image was just begging to be taken the wrong way.

Going past the race issue, the cartoon isn’t funny or informative. Usually when people have animals in cartoons like these, theres some reference behind it like “an elephant in the room” or something like this, dead monkeys don’t ring any bells for any clichĂ© animal jokes.


~ by everythingdiablo on February 27, 2009.

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