Lets be more proactive.

Drugs being sold and used in my school is nothing new, but lately its started to become a problem, as in kids being targeted by other armed kids outside of school because of it. A day ago two kids were shot walking from school to there house just because of the controversy in school. So Yesterday our principle decided to do search and seizure’s to random students and lockers in the school. Of course everyone was upset and I can’t blame them, being randomly searched while walking down the halls doesn’t sound too fun.

My problem here is not about the sudden checks, it’s the fact that they just started doing this now. I know some of you are puzzled after reading that, but think about it, why would you wait until people are getting shot to actually do something about the drugs inside the school. Everyone knows kids have been smoking cigarettes and marijuana inside the school, why things needed to escalate to this point in order for something to be done is confusing to me.

At schools where the majority of students are white, random locker screenings happen every day, and yes, at the white school I attended there were kids who smoked, but they were outside the school hiding in bushes, and they never brought it into the school. Theirs a large difference I’m noticing between white schools and black schools, and that difference is between proactive and reactive. This in my opinion is what separates the white and black schools, white schools prevent problems before they even get started, unfortunately it’s the opposite for most inner city black schools.

I guess what I’m trying to get across is that in order to be affective in stopping violence in and out of schools, you have to prevent problems from even being started instead of leaping into action after something bad has already happened. I think this can be applied in a lot of areas concerning the black community besides the schools, like littering which is ever so prevalent in black areas, like discouraging littering in the first place instead of trying to make it a ticketable offense afterwards.


~ by everythingdiablo on March 6, 2009.

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