Minority Distortion


After watching a random 20/20 re-run about man who shot up his entire office, and hearing people on the show talking about how he was just having financial problems and having problems at home. Made me think about why every time a white person goes on a mass killing spree, everyone comes up with every excuse in the book on why they did it, but when a black person kills just one person, he is passed off as a murderous criminal.

I do believe that these disgruntled post officers and office workers were having problems at home, and that they might have had a lot of pressure on them not to fail or let people down. But if everyone just took there anger and psychotic-ness out on there fellow employees, psychiatrists would be out of a job, and the morgue would be booming with business.

Of course this is nothing new, it’s been happening since black people started getting mentioned in the news for crimes. Just to perpetuate the idea that blacks are violent people. And the sad part is about this, is that it works, people who have never met or even seen a black person a day in their lives already have assumptions that black people are violent untrustworthy people, for example people in places like Japan.

Japan, the country that openly stated that Blacks and Hispanics are lowering United States literacy and intelligence. They gave the excuse that Japanese people have little social experience with other races, but its odd that they don’t say much of anything about white people. How a country who’s immigrants only make up 14% of the community (Most of them Koreans, Chinese etc) can make such bold accusations, only supports my point on the fact that African Americans image is being wrongly distorted on television.


~ by everythingdiablo on March 7, 2009.

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