All About Me

I’m sixteen going on seventeen, I’m a black kid living in a predominantly white area, and a lot of my posts will be experiences I’ve had with my white surroundings. Ill also share my thoughts on some current event, and important events in my life, in other words, I’m just going to talk about everything that interests me. I love to play real time strategy games and ill probably be talking about those too. Unlike most teens, I’m interested in current world events and black issues. I’m all about feed back, so if you have a comment about any of my posts, please leave me a comment.


2 Responses to “All About Me”

  1. Dark Prophet, you are intelligent and thoughtful. You write well. I hope you go far.

  2. Dark Prophet, I like reading your posts. I just started up a blog called Reasonably Outspoken, which will feature similar things as your posts.

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