Gangs, Violence and idle teens

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Not to long ago I was chatting with a friend in school and the topic of gangs came up and what gang he was in. After a while I had learned that a large group of people at our school did not like him because of the gang he’s in. And he truly felt that he was going to get ganged up on and beaten up because of threatening gestures and language other students have been using against him. So he told me that he was saving up to buy a hand gun for protection “out on the streets” which reminded me of my next door neighbors who shoot off there guns for any sort of holiday/celebration.

Normally I wouldn’t let things get to me but knowing the area and how easy it is to get illegal things like handguns, it’s a little unnerving. Knowing that someone could easily end someone else’s life and their own just because of silly disputes over streets is disturbing. People wonder why the Saint Louis area has such high crime rates, yet I can plainly see why and where this violence is coming from.

I think the problem lies not only with the kids but with the parents. I know I couldn’t get away with buying a fire arm without anyone in my household noticing. Not to mention being a part of a gang, it would seem almost obvious if me and my friends were all dressed in the same color whenever we went out as a group.

I think this all goes back to home training, if parents in this area gave the same lessons about gangs and violence that I was given, this are would be a lot better than it is now. Keeping tabs on where your teens are at night would also help. The city has put up recreational activities trying to lure in teens, but they aren’t popular places to hang out, therefore they aren’t getting frequented enough to really make an impact.

I think a good way to change things is if maybe Barack Obama himself came and gave some speeches to young teens. He may not influence them all, but some are better than none. Other than that I’m out of ideas, if anyone has suggestions, please feel free to leave comments.


Ignorance in music

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As I was listening to the radio yesterday I heard something very interesting. I heard the rapper “Plies”, known for his thug look and attitude, talking about serious issues in very serious and respectful attitude which is the exact opposite of his usual personality. I just find it funny (but it’s really not that funny) that rappers have to put on this false persona of acting/talking like a really ignorant person just for the CD sales, when thats not who they really are outside of the spotlight.

I normally wouldn’t care about this man and what he does in public but a lot of people are watching him when hes acting ignorant, and I think his actions on television/radio only reinforce the all to many negative stereo types that we as black people have. If you aren’t throwing money around with cute girls standing all around you in your normal day to day life, I don’t think you should be on television doing it either. I know a lot of people out there thinking to themselves that rappers should be able to talk how they want and do what they want, and I couldn’t agree more, but videos like these kind of take it a little to far…

After watching this video, you probably think this rapper(plies), is your average all about money/booty shaking kind of guy, but surprisingly he’s not. In the interview he was asked about his opinion on women and he told the interviewer that the more money he makes, the less women he wants. When the interviewer asked what was the most important issues in his life right now, plies responded by telling the interviewer that his incarcerated brother was the only issue on his mind at the moment.

I still don’t support Plies and rappers like him regardless of how ordinary they act outside of the limelight, simply becuase of the fact that they know that they are acting stupid for there audience for the money, and that can’t be supported because it needs to stop. There are plenty of rappers out there who can make lyrics/music videos without all of the money and women, and they do just as well as anyone else. I think rap in general has taken a turn for the worst, and this isn’t coming from someone who is looking in at rap from the inside, this is coming from someone who listens to it himself. Rap’s taken a turn for the worst simply becuase it’s all about the money, the more you make the better, even if you have to make yourself look stupid doing it.

Racism is over?

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Some people get the idea that just because President Obama made it into office, racism no longer exists or that blacks now have the same rights as whites, but sadly these people are wrong. Don’t get me wrong, having a black man as president will help combat the negative images of blacks that are spread over television everyday, so that will great for the public image of blacks. And the fact that McCain even made it as far as he did vs Obama shows theirs still some deep seeding hate and fear of blacks holding positions of power in America. There is no doubt in my mind that this race wouldn’t have been any competition for Obama if he was white.

Although I believe we are gaining ground, 1 black president out of 43 whites does not make us equal. Racism doesn’t just end because a black man became president, it will take a lot more than that for racism to be over, which it never will be because humans are racist in general. I think its foolish to believe we are equal, or that Obama could make it equal for us, its only wishful thinking.

Theirs also something else we should be worrying about. All of those racists out there that would have rather seen McCain in office, are waiting for Obama to fail or even slip up slightly, just so they can get there “I told you so” in. Just for the record, I think we all need to remember that this one man ( Barack Obama) does not represent blacks as a whole, if he makes a mistake, it should in no way represent the black community. I say this because if Barack some how fails in his duty’s, I don’t believe we will see another black man as president for a very long time. Obama’s failure would haunt any other minority that tried to run for president after him.

Diablo 3 complaints

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One of my all time favorite games “Diablo 2” recently had its sequel “Diablo 3” officially announced. Before its announcement, Diablo fan sites dedicated to speculation, rumors and news were inactive. When a major rumor was spread that diablo 3 was going to be announced in a couple of weeks, these sites exploded with activity, sites who’s forums had been dead for years, were now thriving with activity. Soon, people started creating oddball speculation from images released from blizzard. People were photo shopping images released from blizzard to find hidden images within the images that looked like something from the diablo franchise when it was actually just an overactive imagination. People were getting so hyped up, they actually believed someone had gotten a Diablo 3 beta because he had cancer and the “Make a wish” foundation had gotten it for him, his videos of this fake Diablo 3 were later confirmed false by Blizzard (company that owns the Diablo franchise) on G4TV.

After the game was officially unveiled, almost every major Diablo fan site had slowed to a standstill just from the sheer number of people all trying to access the sites at the same time. News was popping up every, people were ecstatic, forums swelled with topics expressing the joy of the official announcement of Diablo 3. The official Diablo 3 forums opened up, and everyone was posting about how long diablo fans have had to wait, but there time has finally came etc, and blizzard personal released a little info on the game every once in a while, keeping us hungry for more. Then the game play videos and screen shots came, and that’s when it all went down hill.

At first, people greeted the videos with open arms, welcoming the first and only game play video of Diablo 3. People couldn’t get enough of the video; I myself watched it 5 times over just to bask in its glory. After the news stopped rolling in, things slowed down a little bit, there was no more new news, Blizzard had gone back into its dungeon of secrets to continue working on the game, and leaving us in the dark on any new developments. Some people had the patience to wait for more news, but other younger fans grew tired of waiting, and decided to exam this half finished game with extreme scrutiny. Unfortunately, when you have a bunch of bored fans waiting around, an idea expressed from a couple of fans, grows on the others despite there own opinions. This is exactly what happened with Diablo 3, a couple of fans stated that the Diablo 3 looked too much like world of warcraft (WoW for short), then suddenly, EVERYONE thought Diablo 3 looked like WoW.

After a couple more weeks, a petition was started, this petition basically states that, Diablo 2 had a very realistic feel, and that diablo 3 has a very cartoonish feel, and that Blizzard should stick with what works (diablo 2), instead of trying to cater to WoW fans. Although the petition has gotten 56577 signatures, it’s an unofficial petition, and has no type of prevention system to stop people from voting multiple times. Although Diablo 3 has taken a couple of pages out of WoW’s book, its only because the original team that created Diablo 2, was some what replaced with a large group of WoW’s art development team, its only common sense that if WoW art developer’s started working on a new game, hints of WoW would be in that game. The official Diablo 3 forums have turned into a battle ground between “fan boys”, or people who want diablo 3 to look like Diablo 2 with new characters, and WoW fans, or people who want Diablo 3 to be in full 3d with a vibrant color pallet.

The “battle on” became so popular; G4 TV’s own Adam Sessler took a swing at the Diablo 2 “fan boys”.

In the video, Adam states the main arguments behind most of the people who aren’t afraid of a little change, I don’t think I or anyone else could have said it better than Adam, people are scarred of change, I’m sure when Diablo 2 was announced, fan boys from diablo 1 were complaining about the graphics of diablo 2, but it turned out that diablo 2 was one of the best selling RPG slash ‘n hack games ever created. People need to give Diablo 3 some time before they start complaining about things, we’ve only seen about 20 minutes of a half finished, non-rendered game. In my opinion, the game looks great, ill play it whether it flops or it becomes a hit. A true fan would have a little faith, and wait to see more of the game before making such critical claims of cartoonish graphics, and WoW’s user friendly game play system.

Comparison Video between Diablo 1 Diablo 2 Diablo 3 in that order.

Black in America

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Some time last week, CNN released there supposedly “ground breaking” television series labeled Black in America. During the show, they held a small segment about a black man who desperately needed a job, but was having more than a hard time finding one. They followed him around on his job search until he was finally greeted with a positive email from a potential employer telling him to come down for an interview. They hooked a hidden camera in his coat and told him to go the interview. But when he arrived, the clerk behind the desk of the employment area took one good look at him, and gave him the runaround about how he should go back and re-fill out his application, and come back with an interview appointment etc etc.

This poor mans experience reminded me of the same predicament a lot my family members go through, there almost over qualified for the job, the employer is brimming with excitement, all up until they meet in person and they see that black skin, then all of a sudden there no longer qualified for the job. But what really turned me off and disappointed me the most, was the lack of explanation on CNN’s part. Yes they showed us that he was a well dressed articulate man, and that he still wasn’t getting a job, but they never discussed WHY he wasn’t getting a job. Obviously a network as large and all encompassing like CNN would never touch the true underlying reasons of white racism, and I really never expected them too, but you can hope.

Watching this show made me almost wish it had never be aired, the reason being, that it made blacks look even worse than before it was aired, all the show talked about were the “staggering” number of blacks with aids, and the “astonishing” number of kids dropping out before graduation and the list of negatives go on. Then to add insult to injury, they showed an black family who lived in a all white suburbia. The father of this family was a successful black super intendant of a local school. But what gets me is that, as soon as he rose to the top, he moved from the black area straight to the white area, even though he KNEW that he wasn’t welcome in there community. This was a perfect example of what blacks should hate, yet CNN was pushing on us that this is what we should strive to do.

A thought came to me though, while viewing this program, why didn’t the wealthy black family, decide to help out the man in the beginning who couldn’t find a job? Maybe if we started helping each other out, CNN wouldn’t have anything negative to report about us as blacks. I think we’ve had enough shows depicting whats wrong with the black community anyways, where are all of the “White in America shows”? Out of my 17 years of life, I have yet to see any form of television program, aimed to take a look into the white community. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all keep our community’s tribulations secret, but unfortunately thats only a privilege given to whites.

The fair and Balanced network

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After watching these video, I hope you are asking yourself how this could be fair and balanced in any way? After viewing these videos I absolutely had to right about it becuase what their doing is absolutely disturbing. FOX claims to be fair and balanced but after viewing these videos it leaves me without a doubt that the FOX news network is far from being balanced. I think I would have been a little more forgiving if they would have “attacked” anyone else besides Obama and Clinton, but it seems as though McCain was the only one to get a free pass from attacks.

I also noticed from watching these videos and from television period, that what Fox plays, others play, as if fox is the head quarters for opinions and the rest of the major news channels follow in there foot steps. The whole Barrack Hussien Obama thing was very shocking to me becuase it spread so fast after fox news invented it, and before you knew it, local radio stations and random people on television were all making crude  jokes about Obama. Its almost heart breaking to see how ignorance is so easily spread. In my opinion, FOX news network is a joke, and there a large tool headed by a man who is in the right hand of the republican party.

After watching the movies, you may be asking (or at least I hope you are), what you can do about FOX, you might be asking yourself how you can change such a large company as FOX. Well there is something you can do, you can sign the petition against FOX here, and then can you boycott FOX by no longer watching FOX. If you have any arguments in favor of FOX, or if you have a point I didn’t cover, feel free to comment.

Kids having kids

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In my eyes, teen pregnancy has always been something to be looked down upon, someone who was pregnant in high school was stared and gawked at, but it seems to be the norm now. Birth control and S.T.D programs were hosted yearly at my schools, teaching us about what it as like to have a baby and still try to attend school at the same time. And about the potential dangers of sex, as in sexually transmitted diseases and AIDS. Of course, these beneficial programs were required at the white schools I attended, and have yet to be mentioned at my current, all black school.

This wouldn’t be much of a problem if it weren’t for the fact that teen pregnancy is rapidly spreading through my school like a wild fire. Most of the girls that are getting pregnant, are the ones you thought would be the last person to have sex let alone become pregnant. Some girls are pregnant for there second time with a child already in day care while there at school, which raises the question, how can you be a good mother and properly raise a child when your just a bigger one yourself?

I think pregnancy is taken a little too lightly at school, its almost something to be proud of, like a pregnant belly is some sort of trophy. But don’t get me wrong, a baby is a beautiful thing no matter when or who it comes from, but sometimes people don’t really think there actions all the way through. How can you have a baby and go to school at the same time? Day care costs a lot of money, which means a job, a part time job + school is a good 12 hours combined. And what about when you graduate, getting through high school might have been easy but college is surely out of the question.

Having a child while young isn’t something that just automatically ruins your life, that’s not what I’m trying to say at all, what I am saying is that having a child in your teens will hold you back from your full potential, and I might even be wrong about that, there are always cases of people turning nothing to something. I would love to see some sort of health class or program instituted into black schools. A class that would give young black women the same knowledge about pregnancy and sexual diseases as young white women.